An academic, Jacky Rigaux is the author of numerous books and also a wine columnist for many journals.

Cyrille TOTA : President of “L’étoffe des Terroirs”. He is the designer of “L’étoffe des Terroirs” which he has chaired for 10 years.

Lydia Bourguignon : Master of Science in Biochemistry, DTO and tasting according to the terroirs, University of Dijon, Agricultural Merit Officer, Soil Microbiologist.
Claude Bourguignon : Engineer INAPG Paris, Doctor of Science, Agricultural Merit Officer, Soil Microbiologist.

Emmanuel Bourguignon : Doctor of Science with honours in Microbiology and Soil Ecology (University of Lincoln (New Zealand) Diploma of Oenology Technician (DTO) at the University of Burgundy, Jules Guyot Institute, Soil Microbiologist.

Jean Robert Pitte : Permanent Secretary of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences. A specialist in landscape and gastronomy, he is President of the Société de géographie and President of the Mission française du patrimoine et des cultures alimentaires.

Christophe Lucand : specialist in the history of the worlds of vines and wine, and is an associate professor and doctor of history. He is a lecturer at Sciences Po Paris and at the Institut universitaire de la vigne et du vin (Institut Jules Guyot) in Dijon, and a member of the UNESCO Chair in “Wine Culture & Traditions” at the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

Bernard Hervet : Partner, President of Vintage Expertise Conseil, consultant for the world’s greatest terroirs.

Joëlle Brouard : Professor of Marketing (retired) at the ESC Dijon-Bourgogne Group. In 1988, she created the Master’s Degree in International Trade in Wines and Spirits (MS CIVS), which has since established itself in France as the reference in this field.

Christian Martray : Master sommelier, for 10 years, he was chief sommelier of the relais-château l’Albert 1er in Chamonix, ** Michelin.
With the support of Olivier Poussier, best sommelier in the world 2000

Marie Claude Pichery : Professor of Economics University of Burgundy Franche-Comté

Charles Rigaux : Partner. Doctoral student in sociology University of Burgundy Franche-Comté

Jean Pierre Rifler : Emergency doctor, oenologist technician, nutritionist, cook

Joël de Leiris : University Professor, Professor of Physiology specialising in the cardiovascular system (University of Grenoble)

Norbert Latruffe : Professor emeritus, Norbert Latruffe was a professor at the University of Dijon and team leader of INSERM. He is also a member of the steering committee of the UNESCO Chair in Culture and Wine Traditions. As a biochemist, he was interested in the biological properties of wine constituents, particularly resveratrol

Gabriel Lepousez : is a neurobiologist at the Institut Pasteur, specializing in sensory perception and brain plasticity. For more than twelve years, Gabriel Lepousez has been exploring the functioning of the olfactory brain to understand how it perceives, analyses and memorizes the world of odours, in a normal or pathological context.

David Lefebvre : Consulting oenologist in Alsace, he has developed the wine for various estates in California, New Zealand, Cahors, Côtes du Rhône. For the past 20 years, he has devoted himself to wine journalism for technical and professional journals. He regularly participates in several educational programs and institutions on topics that are dear to him, such as the minerality of wine and environmental issues in agriculture.

David AUTISSIER : Director of the ESSEC Chair in Change and Innovation

Corinne FORASACCO : Coach intervening ESSEC