The Master1247 is a qualifying training organized around three courses (see below) with more than 200 hours:

  • classes,
  • geo-sensory tasting practice,
  • oenotourism discovery of the greatest estates.

This training is led by Jacky Rigaux and led by a team of internationally recognized professionals (see the list of speakers).
It will enable professionals who have received the diploma to enhance their careers in fields as diverse as cellar management, sales and marketing, sommelier services for the finest restaurants, etc., while respecting the values of gourmets and promoting local products, in particular local wines.

This Master1247 will also interest enlightened amateurs who wish to enrich their knowledge and participate in the rebirth and promotion of gourmets.


3 one-week courses :

Next session starting April 11, 2019!

(click on the thumbnails to discover each route)


Each route has 3 keys, for a total of 9 keys.
At the end of the first day of each key, the course offers a geosensory tasting with one of our winegrower partners.

After validation of the three courses, the trainee will write a thesis on the theme of his choice, taking into account the different fields of study seen in the training contents in order to obtain the Master 1247 Keys for local wines.

Training locations

Club 1243 à Beaune

Contact us for any specific requests :