Philosophical framework

A brief history
The idea is to create a private training course with a qualifying aim in “Knowledge and development of local wines”, which would take place in France in this magnificent historical site Le convent des cordeliers 1243 in Beaune and to make it a Club for great amateurs.

The “Keys to Local Wines” master’s degree does not aim to offer an encyclopedic training on wine, like the famous English “Master of Wine”, nor a university type oenological training, but aims to :

  • Characterize the components of what is called “terroir”.
  • To propose a historical and epistemological analysis of wine from yesterday to today, highlighting the differences that have always existed between fine and common viticulture.
  • Reactivate the tasting of gourmets who ensured the origin of the wines they organised the sale, a tasting renamed “geo-sensory tasting”, which favours multi-sensoriality and particularly the “touch of the mouth”.
  • To provide the neuro-physiological basis for geo-sensory tasting.
  • Enhance the dimension of palatability and minerality of wines, as major markers of terroir wines.
  • To promote everything that contributes to the promotion of local wines.